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Network Engineer, CCIE certified in ISP-Dial. Author of technical documents such as

Linux afficionado - though by no means an expert.


U. S. Army, 1986-1992

  • 102nd MI Bn (CEWI), Korea
  • 107th MI Bn (Light), Fort Ord, CA
  • Language school... and others...

I had a lot of interesting times in the Army. Got to play with some Real Man Toys -


The AN/TRQ-32(v):

The "Turkey 32" is a truck-mounted radio direction-finding system. Back in the late '80s and early '90s, it was mounted on the back of a CUCV (basically, a mil-spec Chevy pickup with a power take-off bolted to the transmission.) Nowadays, of course, it goes on a Humvee.

The very efficient air conditioner mounted on the electrical equipment shelter made this a good vehicle to be near in hot weather - good place to keep the beer sodas cold.


The AN/PRD-11:

The PRD was a man-portable radio direction-finding system (well, more like 3- or 4-man portable system) used by Low-Level Voice Intercept (LLVI) teams in very close proximity to the front lines - with no guarantee whose side of the lines you'd be on, either.

The picture here doesn't show it, but that antenna stands about 9 feet tall and weighs about 50 pounds. So for a typical "insertion" mission (that is, you hike to your site or get dropped off by helicopter), you have each team member carry 1 of the system components, batteries, a three-day supply of food and water, personal weapons, cold-weather gear if necessary, and so on.

As the biggest guy in my team, I carried the antenna. And as the team leader, I also carried the radio.

So before I had my personal gear, I was already carrying about 80 pounds. Add the batteries, etc, and I often had a load upwards of 150 lbs on my back. So I guess it's no wonder I still have knee and back problems....


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“Surprised Infamy”

Hello, I think you might enjoy the following poem. No need to reply, unless you wish to use it in print (hard copy or electronic).
I have many more Patriotic and Veteran Poems at www.PoetPatriot.com
Original Patriotic Poems www.Patriotic.PoetPatriot.com
Original Veteran Poems www.Veterans.PoetPatriot.com

Surprised Infamy
by Roger W Hancock

A Nation’s Infamy,
attack within America.
Surprise attack,
wounds or kills four thousand,
early on that dreadful morn.
Sounds of planes overhead,
alarms ring, howl, screech,
rude awakening from dead of sleep.
Battle-stations, orders called,
unexpected confusion, duty calls.
One hundred planes overhead,
Japan’s last emperor ordered,
attack that lives in infamy.
American battleships… five,
American destroyers… three,
four hundred planes all destroyed.
News spreads as wildfire.
“Pearl Harbor Attacked!”
President Roosevelt pledges,
“…triumph. So help us God."
America sleeps no more,
Two fronts fought ‘til victory,
domination interests quelled.
December 7, remembrance,
Pearl Harbor attack,
Felt around the world.

Copyright 12-08-03 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

Have a great day,
Roger W Hancock

"Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom" - Roger W Hancock

I am doing research on Fort Ord. I have found some old paperwork in an old barrack that seem to be linked to the 107th MI Bn (Light), Fort Ord, CA. Looking for someone that was with this unit.

Greg Krenzelok - gregkrenzelok@msn.com

You have some very cute kitties. You must be a good servant to them!

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