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March 19, 2003

I have to wonder which (or how many) of the bad guys got smoked in the raid this morning.

Fox News is reporting that the initial strkes near Baghdad were aimed at Iraqi leadership. If successful, killing any one of the five people targeted (Saddam, his evil progeny, and a couple of bootlickers) would be an extraordinary takedown.

It's being reported that F-117s coordinated their bomb strikes with a dozen or more cruise missile strikes - such that all the impacts came in an impressivly short 10-15 second window.

Devastating. Does Saddam really think he can win?

Posted by Russ at 11:22 PM, March 19, 2003 in Nat'l Security

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Saddam never thought we would really come after him, that the French would be able to de-rail the attack.

I propose a name change, this is not the 'War on Iraq', this is just the Campaign for Iraq, the second campaign in the War on Tyrrany (aka World War IV).

Whatever we call it, the important thing is to finish the job this time.

Posted by: Rick T at March 19, 2003 11:48 PM