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April 15, 2003
Tools of the Trade

Is world conquest your gig?

- When you go home from the office, do you wish it were a Subterranean Island Base with optional Volcano Upgrade instead of a crappy apartment?

- Would you prefer to drive yourself home in your "Li'l Crusher" Economy Mobile Offensive Unit, or is being chaufferred in your SPV Advanced Armored Vehicle more your style?

- Do you dream of outfitting your henchmen with Exploding Obedience Collars?

- Is your concealed-carry weapon of choice a Gizesukarisito Mark 1 Multidimensional Handcannon?

- Does nothing get you quite as squishy as the prospect of owning your very own Morbitek Zombification Ray (Mk 1)?

- And when you're down and out, do you dwell on ending it all with a Planet Kabanger?

If so, then Villain Supply may just be your one-stop shopping center!

Posted by Russ at 12:55 PM, April 15, 2003 in Fun

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