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July 07, 2003
Is this bad?

As I left the office today (rare - I usually telecommute Mondays) I slung my laptop carrier case over my shoulder -- and felt a sharp pain in my neck.

5 hours later, moving my head around is somewhat uncomfortable, my shoulders are sore (and seem kind of weak), and my neck still hurts like heck; well, not the neck per se, but rather the very upper back -- dead center, just above the top of my shoulder blades. The nape of the neck, I guess. I'm no anatomist.

Having a long history of lower back injuries (which is why I am not a senior NCO approaching retirement from the Army), I'm rather sensitive to lower back problems, but the upper back/lower neck... this is new.

I hope it's just a pinched nerve.

UPDATE: Yep, just a pinch. Muscle relaxants have done their voodoo, and I'm at almost 100% again. Lucky me - dodged a bullet there.

Posted by Russ at 09:19 PM, July 7, 2003 in Miscellany

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Gee, Russ, I hope it's less than a pinched nerve. But if your hands and arms (or even one) become numb, better see a neurologist. I had surgery to repair C-4 & C-5, but the numbness still persists in one hand. Bummer. Take care of that, boy.

Posted by: Indigo at July 8, 2003 10:18 PM