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July 18, 2003
Quote of the day

Daniel Henninger, in "A Failure To Communicate":

The Democratic Party now resembles a vast hospital nursery, with each colicky baby lying in a separate crib screaming for attention--right now, for me. And if a Joe Lieberman or Dick Gephardt doesn't run right over and pour political formula down their throats, they'll keep right on screaming.

Posted by Russ at 09:18 AM, July 18, 2003 in Politics & Quotes

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Babies are innocents, this is the reason the are screaming. Those who say they "sleep like a baby" haven't got one

Posted by: Frieda Zonnenfeld at October 5, 2003 10:30 PM

A hospital nursery should have nothing in common with politics. The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart

Posted by: Valerian at October 7, 2003 04:02 AM