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August 07, 2003
Once More, With Feeling

Well, well, well. Al Gore shoots off his mouth.

In front of a cheering crowd of sycophantic moonbats -- the MoveOn.org crowd -- the man voted "most likely to be mistaken for a petrified tree" delivered up a number of steaming piles of excrement.

"... most of the benefits of the tax cuts actually are going to the highest-income Americans, who, unfortunately, are the least likely group to spend money in ways that create jobs during times when the economy is weak and unemployment is rising."
Yes, Al. The "poor" are going to go out this minute and start businesses, hire employees, and make capital investments. They'll then give up over half their incomes in taxes. Sure.

No, Al, that's not how it works, but it would be pointless to try to educate you and your frothing-at-the-mouth fan club.

" In truth, the current executive branch of the U.S. government is radically different from any since the McKinley administration 100 years ago."
I suppose Al never heard of Teddy Roosevelt.
"... we still have the same bad economic policies and the problems have, if anything, gotten worse."
Al hasn't been reading the newspapers, apparently. Unemployment is going back down, the recession is over, companies are turning profits... there's good news breaking out all over. Except for Democrats who want to be president -- it's all bad news for them.

But then Al goes off into LoonyLand with his frenetic gibbering about the Iraq war. He tells his trollish followers about all the "false impressions" the Bush administration had given while making the case for war with Iraq:

"Saddam Hussein was partly responsible for the attack against us on September 11th, 2001...."
Gore lies. The Bush administration actively disclaimed this notion, even discounting a fairly credible Czech report that Iraqi agents met with the 9/11 hijackers in Prague.
"Saddam was working closely with Osama bin Laden and was actively supporting members of the Al Qaida terrorist group...."
Whether that impression was made or not, documents captured since the fall of the Baathist regime have confirmed the cooperation between Al Qaeda and Hussein.
"Saddam was about to give the terrorists poison gas and deadly germs that he had made into weapons which they could use to kill lots of Americans. "
Again, the Bush administration never made such a claim. What they did say was that such a scenario was possible. Is Gore denying the possibility? Has his hatred of George W. Bush completely blinded him? Yes. Yes, it has. Gore, and by extension the Democrat party, care less about national security than they care about scoring political points. That alone should disqualify them from ever holding power.
"Saddam was on the verge of building nuclear bombs and giving them to the terrorists...."
Uh... who said that? It wasn't Dubya. He did make a true statement on the general subject (remember those 16 words? They were true.)
"our GIs would be welcomed with open arms by cheering Iraqis...."
This is the closest Gore gets to the truth anywhere in the speech. Yes, there was a lot of speculation from all quarters on how the Iraqis would react, much of it overly optimistic. The Iraqi peoples' uncertainty about the outcome of the war -- understandable, given the propagandizing by the Husseins (and Al-Jazeera, and the BBC, and CNN, and, and, and...) -- muted many of their reactions at the beginning.

Not all, though. Remember these three words from a free Iraqi: "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!"

Ask the average Iraqi how they feel now about being freed from the Baathists. They're pretty darned pleased.

"...the rest of the world was mostly opposed to the war, [but] they would quickly fall in line after we won, and then contribute lots of money and soldiers to help out...."
A couple points here. First, why should we care what the rest of the world thinks? If France jumped off a bridge, I'm sure Al would be right there with them. Second, there are other countries helping out - just not the "old Europe" axis of weasels.

You know, I followed the run-up to war pretty closely. The "false impressions" Gore cited didn't come from President Bush -- they mostly came by way of extrapolations and exaggerations by the media, setting up strawmen for the Donks to try to knock down. Even then, the strawmen are hardly falling -- Gore can't land a punch, flail though he might. The Donks have no credibility whatsoever on the security of this nation.

Consider: on 9/11, did you say to yourself "Thank God Bush is president," or did you say "too bad Gore isn't president"?

Ya, that's what I thought.

UPDATE: Aw, nuts. I got beaten to it. Beaten like a rented mule.

Posted by Russ at 08:40 PM, August 7, 2003 in Politics

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