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August 11, 2003
Quote of the Day
"If one were to collate the recent news reports about the Mosul shootout, the lessons would be as follows: Read two mass killers their Miranda rights; duck their bullets when they shoot first; capture them alive; let Europeans cross-examine them in the Hague; lose no friendlies in the operation; do not disturb the residents next door; protect the Husseins' victims from such oppressors (but without cracking their plaster) — and in general remember that the entire scene will be filmed and then broadcast as Cops rather than as Hell is for Heroes."
Victor Davis Hanson, "How We Collapse" on NRO

Posted by Russ at 01:41 PM, August 11, 2003 in Quotes

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Another good one: "I've never not seen a presidential race during which people are not speculating about people who are not in the field,"
Who said that? Give up?
See James Taranto (or short-cut to Betsy's Page) Taranto called this a triple negative, but as I read the negatives, there are 4!

Posted by: Indigo at August 11, 2003 09:31 PM