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September 19, 2003
Makes me proud

From a report on the aftermath of Isabel:

At Arlington National Cemetery, soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns were given — for the first time ever — permission to abandon their posts and seek shelter, Superintendent John Metzler said. But they stood guard anyhow.
Bless 'em all.

UPDATE: more from Donald Sensing

Posted by Russ at 12:21 PM, September 19, 2003 in Nat'l Security

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I'm so glad you posted this. When I heard the story on the news, I got goose bumps.

Posted by: Jim - Parkway Rest Stop at September 19, 2003 11:50 PM

Ya, me too, when I saw it. As someone once said,

"Where do we get such men?"

Posted by: Russ at September 20, 2003 11:11 AM