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October 10, 2003
Quote of the Day II

Vice President Cheney, in a speech to the Heritage Foundation:

To accept the view that action by America and our allies can be stopped by the objection of foreign governments that may not feel threatened, is to confer undue power on them, while leaving the rest of us powerless to act in our own defense. Yet we continue to hear this attitude in arguments in our own country -- so often, and so conveniently, it amounts to a policy of doing exactly nothing.
The United States is committed to multilateral action wherever possible. Yet this commitment does not require us to stop everything, and neglect our own defense, merely on the say-so of a single foreign government. Ultimately, America must be in charge of her own national security. (Applause.)
Applause, indeed.

A nation that gives up its right or capacity to defend itself whenever and wherever necessary is a conquest waiting to happen.

(Hat tip: Malcolm S. at Occam's Toothbrush)

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