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November 09, 2003

Long ago, Acidman had a bad experience with gin. Now, he's on speaking terms with it, at least. Good.

In 1988, I had just been posted to Korea, and our "op-tempo" was pretty high. From April until September of that year, our routine was to spend 3 or 4 weeks in the field, up near the DMZ, then three or four days in garrison, refitting, before heading right back up to the DMZ for another mission.

We had a little ritual each time we deployed to the field, involving gin. We'd dress up in some decent civilian attire (which was almost invariably jeans and a button-down shirt) and head to the NCO Club on our post, Camp Hovey. There, we would consume pitchers of Gin & Tonics.

Not having been much of a gin man myself (I prefer a single-malt Scotch now, particularly Glenmorangie and The Glenlivet, and back then I was an unsophisticated Bud man, thankyouverymuch), I was rather put off by the taste, but for the sake of comradeship, a man will do a great many things he might not otherwise do.

Nowadays, every now and again, I pour some gin, add a little tonic water, and drop in a quarter of a lime. And I think of the great men with whom it was my privilege to serve.

Why G&Ts? I don't know. Someone started the ritual long before I got to Korea; I hope that the tradition has continued in 1st Platoon, A Company, 102nd MI Battalion. Confido!

Veterans Day is almost upon us again.

I'd better go buy some limes.

Posted by Russ at 07:25 AM, November 9, 2003 in Drinks & Soldiers/Vets

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SIP IT, and it's okay. Drink a gang of that shit and you'll think you're puking pine bark and Christmas tree limbs.

Trust me. I've been there and DONE that.

Posted by: Acidman at November 9, 2003 10:14 AM

Gin, single malt. Hey I'm going to Pinehurst this weekend. I'll raise one to you while we are in NC!

Posted by: charles austin at November 12, 2003 10:29 PM

Being a whisky man, you should check out Pathetic Earthlings, clearinghouse for all your single-malt scotch needs:

Posted by: chris hall at November 16, 2003 02:43 PM