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November 13, 2003
Quote of the Day

The Dallas Morning News editorial page opines on PFC Jessica Lynch -- "she suffered for us."

That she did, and God bless that brave woman. But to paraphrase Gen. George S. Patton, wars are not won by suffering for your country; wars are won by making the enemy suffer for his country. It is dismaying to see soldiers who do the "dirty work" of war shunted to the side, while we immortalize a noble victim. A culture that lacks the stomach to honor its blood-stained warriors, men who do the killing necessary to defend it, is in trouble.
[Emphasis mine.]

After what she endured, is she a "hero"? I tend to think not -- she is, rather, a survivor -- but she is worthy, at the very minimum, of a great deal of respect for putting herself in harm's way on our behalf.

[Via Rod Dreher in NRO's The Corner.]

Posted by Russ at 04:31 PM, November 13, 2003 in Quotes

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I agree with you that she is not a hero. The heroes are the ones that went in to rescue her no matter what the opposition was. If there had been a battalion of Iraqis in the hospital, they still would have gotten her out alive and back to her country. She, in my opion was with a group of nitwits who got lost in a war zone and paid the price, many of them, sadly, the ultimate price.

Posted by: The Bartender at November 16, 2003 10:04 PM