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December 04, 2003
All I want for Christmas...

I have got to get me one of these.

Posted by Russ at 05:31 PM, December 4, 2003 in Fun

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That's kinda what I was thinking when I saw it. I was hoping it was a real Barbie though! (read: Angelina Jolie)

Posted by: Matt at December 4, 2003 06:07 PM

Angelina Jolie? Feh. I'll take a real woman... like Ann Coulter. Oooo, baby.

Posted by: Russ at December 4, 2003 06:24 PM

My 5 year old boy wants nothing to do with Barbies, but this may change his mind.

Posted by: MarcV at December 5, 2003 01:34 PM