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February 24, 2004
Quote of the Day

President Bush, in remarks to the Republican Governors Association:

The other party's nomination battle is still playing out. The candidates are an interesting group, with diverse opinions: For tax cuts, and against them. For NAFTA, and against NAFTA. For the Patriot Act, and against the Patriot Act. In favor of liberating Iraq, and opposed to it. And that's just one senator from Massachusetts.
Actually, the whole thing is pretty good. Go read it.

Posted by Russ at 10:34 AM, February 24, 2004 in Quotes

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I saw that quote in this entry of yours, and I thought - there are splits like that on the Republican side too! But then, I saw that last sentence in the quote. It is pretty funny...

By the way, I am a tradtionalist conservative and a constitutionalist who opposes NAFTA, the "Patriot Act," and the recent Iraq war, the last one of those for which I've written many blog entries and comment posts about.

In one of my more recent blog entries about that subject, I linked to a past entry of yours, on Thomas Friedman. (That link is in the paragraph of my entry right before I re-post the comment that I wrote at Dustin's blog entry.)

I think that I came across that entry on Mr. Friedman while looking for information about him on the internet - I may have been looking for information about him being liberal (I inlcluded him in my listing, in that blog entry, of liberals who supported the Iraq war).

I think that you found that blog entry of mine after I did a manual trackback ping to your Friedman entry (based upon a referral I saw on my hit counter).

I have not read much of your blog, but it looks good.

I just scrolled down to your entry about the 93rd birthday of the greatest president of our time. (I did an entry about this topic as well, and I also had an entry up last year, wishing him 'Happy Birthday' then.) I see in that entry though, that you went to college here in my state. Which college was that? Were you part of the College Republicans (I see that the College Republicans is mentioned in that entry). Was it they who arranged for Mr. Reagan to come to campus? Was this during one of his runs for president? (Never mind that last question - I just looked back at your entry, and see that it was during his 1980 presidential campaign... But was it in the primary, or after he had won the nomination?) I am the 1st-Vice Chairman of the College Republicans at UIS.

Keep up the good work here. Thanks.

Posted by: Aakash at February 24, 2004 06:13 PM