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April 11, 2004
Ballad of the Chocolate Bunny

From my sister, a quick composition:

Chocolate bunny on my shelf,
here are questions I ask myself:
As you stand so brown and still,
do you feel a lethal chill?

Do you know your tragic fate?
Do you know that you'll be ate?
Or have I helped quiet your fears
by eating off both of your ears?

Everlasting Easter Rabbit,
every year I have the habit
of nibbling on your sugary parts
too quickly, then the nausea starts.

And yet, this year I find reprieve.
You're not yet gone - I scarce believe
this year you lasted more than a day.
You're still here and it's almost May!

If I don't eat you very soon,
you will be around 'til June.
Then you wouldn't be my bunny.
In the summer, you'd get runny.

Then all I'd have is sweet brown sauce,
and deep inside, a sense of loss.
I would sit and sigh and dream
as I poured you on ice cream.

Please answer me, oh chocolate hare.
Why won't you say why you're still there?
Maybe you're here because you're sweet,
or maybe because I ate your feet.

It's very hard to state your case
when you haven't got a face.
If you had a brain, what would you think,
of how long it has taken you to shrink?

I think it really quite amazing
that on your form I have been grazing
day after day, and still you live.
You only had one life to give

To me, the professed Chocoholic
(in my stomach you can frolic).
This year I savor each and every bite
with nary a thought of cellulite

And yet, where does eating bunnies get us?
Shouldn't we be eating lettuce?
My questions unanswered, I end this ballad
and turn my thoughts to some salad.

by C. Emerson
Easter 2004

Posted by Russ at 04:39 PM, April 11, 2004 in Fun

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Beautiful. *snif*

I saw the coolest chocolate bunny in the store a couple weeks ago. The bunny itself was a little smaller than a normal C.B., but the ears... the EARS, man, they were longer than the body!!!!!

Posted by: Brian B at April 12, 2004 02:40 PM