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April 29, 2004
Spirit of America Update

The Spirit of America drive towards the goal of raising $50,000 ends tonight at midnight. Make sure you go and donate.

The Great Cluebat Auction continues. Go to this post and make your bids in the comments.

If the idea of a full-size Cluebat is a bit overwhelming for you, Traves of Right Wingin-it has a Very Special Offer for smaller versions of the Cluebat. All the idiot-whacking menace -- at a fraction of the size!

Whether or not an official Imperial Cluebat or Castle Argghhh! Cluebat is something you want or need, let's not forget the purpose of this fundraising drive: Spirit of America helps our Marines help the people of Iraq. That's good enough for this old soldier.

Click the "Donate" image to make a contribution. Any amount helps.


Fighting Fusileers for Freedom

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