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April 29, 2004
Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Ladies and gentleman, get your final bids in. I'll be closing the bidding on the Imperial/Castle Argghhh! CluebatTM at 11:30pm, Eastern time -- about one hour from now.

And please don't forget to donate. Do it now, send the receipt later.

To sweeten the pot, not only will the high bidder receive a full-size CluebatTM, but all other bidders from whom I receive a donation receipt will receive a much-scaled-down version of the CluebatTM, suitable for imparting small clues to small brains.

Just send me a copy of the receipt you receive via e-mail from Spirit of America. (My e-mail link is in the left column of my main page, where it says "E-MAIL ME.")

Posted by Russ at 10:35 PM, April 29, 2004 in Bloggery

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