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May 31, 2004
One Veteran

Russell L. Emerson, my grandfather, enlisted in the Washington State National Guard, and served in the Field Artillery in France during the First World War. A number of the artifacts of his military service -- his medals, his marksmanship badge, and a set of Captain's bars, among others -- are kept at my Mom's home.

Russell L. Emerson

He came home after the war and lived his life. I'm pretty sure he was a Federal Marshall, but I've never been too clear on that.

He was felled by a heart attack in 1939, and is interred at San Francisco National Cemetery.

One of my most treasured posessions is the presentation flag from his funeral.

I wish I'd known him.

Posted by Russ at 02:22 PM, May 31, 2004 in Soldiers/Vets

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God bless your granddad.

Posted by: Donnah at May 31, 2004 02:40 PM