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June 24, 2004
Moody Blues

Have I mentioned that my all-time favorite musical group is the Moody Blues? No? Well, I don't want to come off sounding like an infatuated teeny-bopper or anything....

I'm not saying that I would walk over my own grandmother (if I had one left) to go see one of their concerts, but I would. Maybe.

The band did a guest spot on The Simpsons (who hasn't?) and parodied one of their songs (but who hasn't?)

[Homer and Ned attempt to flee the hotel casino where they have apparently married a couple women of easy virtue.]

W.O.E.V.: Somebody help! Our husbands are trying to ditch us!

[The word goes out over the P.A. system... Homer and Ned try to make their escape, but run into security guards, Seigfried & Roy lookalikes w/ a tiger (to which Homer exclaims "A lion!"), Drederick Tatum, and finally...]

Homer: [shriek] The Moody Blues!
Graeme Edge: Cold hearted Homer, ditching his wife, while ancient Ned runs for his life.
Justin Hayward: Chips of red and blue and white, but we decide which....
John Lodge: Can the poems, it's ass-whuppin' time.
Ray Thomas [pulling a dagger out of his flute]: I want fatty.

That never fails to crack me up.

Ray Thomas has pretty much retired from the band due to health issues - including gout, an ailment with which I am intimately familiar. He wasn't looking too mobile the last time I saw the band in concert - I thought he might have had a hip or knee replacement. He'll be much missed.

Posted by Russ at 11:41 PM, June 24, 2004 in Fun

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Ah, Russ, a Moody Blues Fan, eh? I've got all their Albums myself and seen them twice in concert. You have good taste my friend.

Mr Minority

Posted by: Mr Minority at June 25, 2004 03:19 PM

Moody Blues.

You've gone and done it now. For tonight, I shall have to retire to yonder sloop to relax with their greatest hits, accompanied by copious amounts of Maker's Mark and a decadently luxurious cigar. Or two.

Their work, along with the epic Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, for me, define an era the likes of which we shall not find again.

No, I don't mean the turbulent sixties or terrible seventies.

What I mean is the dawn of the FM era, long before the onset of the dreaded corporate Program Director. When D.J.s were large and in charge.

Hours of soulish, stirring and mellow music late into the night. *sigh* Such were the days growing up in sunny San Diego.

I'm a Do It M'self DJ these days, thanks to the miracle of CDs. With the monsoon upon us here in Galveston, tonight will be neither waste nor loss.

Thanks for flippin' that switch, sir.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Posted by: Jim at June 25, 2004 06:32 PM

Maker's Mark? Why, that's almost whiskey!

Posted by: Brian B at June 25, 2004 07:22 PM