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July 08, 2004
Compare and Contrast

George W. Bush, in various speeches (this one from March 2002):

And this enemy of ours hates what we stand for. They can't stand us. They're ruthless murderers. And they must not have understood America when they attacked us. They thought we were weak. They thought we were so self-absorbed in our materialism that all we would probably do is just sue them. [emphasis mine - Russ]
July 2004: Kerry selects John Edwards (D - Trial Lawyers), alleged to be the Senator from North Carolina, to be his veep candidate.


Posted by Russ at 05:01 PM, July 8, 2004 in Politics

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Jedwards could not and would not have been reelected in our great state. he was never on his job, was transparently see thru in his ambitions, and is a joke to all who have the sense to blow our nose during flu season....

Posted by: lee at July 11, 2004 05:56 PM