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August 12, 2004
McGreevey Out

Talk about a headline chock full of innuendo....

NJ governor McGreevey a) announces he's gay, and b) simultaneously announces his impending resignation under a cloud of scandal.

McGreevey, apparently, is going to be slammed for sexually harrassing a male state employee.

Of course, he won't actually resign until a date that ensures that his Democrat successor will hold the seat until the term is finished, rather than immediately, which would force a special election. God forbid the Republicans might have a shot at winning the office.

The funny thing about all this is that resigning [rather than using the power of his office to defend himself and/or destroy his enemies] actually makes him one of the more honorable of recent scandal-ridden Democrat politicians.

Jeff Jarvis has a collection of links.

Posted by Russ at 04:46 PM, August 12, 2004 in Politics

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