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September 02, 2004
Less Estrich, Please

Have I mentioned Fox News commentator Susan Estrich recently? I have? Indeed I have.

Each night during the Republican Convention, Greta van Sussussterusterenenenen... whatever... asks Estrich what she thought of the major speeches, and — predictable as Old Faithful — Estrich gives each speaker low marks, as if wishing could make it so.

Zell Miller came in for harsh criticism tonight, of course — because, as I noted before, Estrich is a complete left-wing hack. Rather than merely disagreeing with the speeches or offering meaningful criticism, she engages in character assassination; she is useless for substantive commentary.

This coming from a woman so politically astute she actually managed a presidential campaign.

Michael Dukakis' 1984 (oops!) 1988 campaign, in fact. You might remember that one: one of the biggest losses ever in presidential election history.

Did I say astute? I meant obtuse.

Her sheer abrasiveness and (not to put too fine a point on it) unattractiveness is the best possible evidence of Fox News Channel's alleged conservative bias, short of Brit Hume doing a broadcast wearing a W'04 button on his lapel and matching face paint, waving a "W" poster and interrupting his guests with occasional interjections of "Four More Years!"

Susan, your day in the sun ended in 1988. Leave political commentary to the serious adults.

[Instapundit likes her, though. There's no accounting for taste.]

Posted by Russ at 01:06 AM, September 2, 2004 in Politics

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Psst...Mondale got thrashed in '84. Dukakis got his tanker's helmet handed to him in '88.

Which reminds me of a funny SNL skit from shortly before the '84 election. Reagan came to Mondale and asked him not to vote for himself, because wouldn't it be cool for a presidential election to be unanimous. =) As it turns out, it wasn't that far from the truth...

Posted by: Scott at September 2, 2004 01:05 PM