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September 05, 2004
Quote(s) of the Day

Doug Giles is on fire in his Saturday column at Townhall.com.

On John Flipper Kerry:

If he didn't have his wife's late husband's money to prop up his feckless political career or Doug Brinkley's plastic surgical biographical skills to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, he would be working at a Border's bookstore, hosting their "Americans for Socialism" poetry read during Tuesday's Open Mike Night.

On Rudy Giuliani:

What kind of sweat is entailed in getting the liberals' teetering moderate constituency to look away from Giuliani who might differ from President Bush on social issues but properly gives them a backseat to the main cause at hand: the war on terror?

On Laura Bush:

Laura Bush could have read beef jerky recipes, yodeled, gargled with Listerine and played the spoons and still come off better than Teresa Heinz Janis Joplin Kerry did at the Democrats' convention.

On Zell Miller:

To have a Democrat systematically pull their wet noodle candidate apart like an eagle on a rabbit carcass, probably leaves a stubborn Democrat no other recourse or relief than sucking on a brew or ten.

In summary:

Bush's double-digit lead in the polls boils down to the fact that in the midst of our social and fiscal differences, we understand something that the left doesn't seem to get: we are at war....

Not a bad column, not bad at all.

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