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September 14, 2004
Pajama Blogging

I blog in what might be euphemistically referred to as "casual attire." I don't own pajamas, nor have I worn them since I was a kid.

Ith has the right idea. Well, you wouldn't catch me in them, but I'm sure they look fine on the wimmen-folk.

I'll just settle for a new main-page banner.

Update: this is more like the kind of pajamas I'd wear. If I wore pajamas. Which I don't.

Posted by Russ at 03:13 PM, September 14, 2004 in Bloggery

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That is really funny.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at September 15, 2004 09:01 AM

Say, can we put a superscript on that "Ith" ? This ain't the '70s ya know.

Posted by: Stephen at September 15, 2004 02:36 PM