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September 17, 2004
Slow Site Loading

As you may have noticed, the blogrolls on this site have a significant load delay... if they load at all.

Looks to me like the Blogrolling.com server migration didn't go quite as well as planned.

Posted by Russ at 11:46 AM, September 17, 2004 in Bloggery

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I've been noticing the same thing. The Blogs for Bush site uses blogrolling, and they've just dragged my site to a halt. I noticed these problems on my old site, and it finally drove me to building a mysql table and the mt-sql plugin to roll my own blogroll code. That's the problem when a page needs to load from an external site. The page only loads at the speed of the slowest site. It would be nice if blogrolling built a movable type plugin to load the blogroll during the building of a template. It would take a load off of their servers, and improve the performance of the blogs that use it. If they did that, I might even switch back.

Posted by: John Bono at September 17, 2004 12:27 PM

Oops! Shoulda read the top first. Ignore the email please.

Posted by: Stephen at September 17, 2004 01:24 PM