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September 30, 2004
Debate Predictions

I predict...

   —   John Kerry will look haughty and French

   —   President Bush will squint and chuckle periodically.

Well, those aren't too hard to guess, really. Here's my way-out prediction:

   —   President Bush will pronounce "nuclear" as "noo-klee-ar" (vice "noo-kyu-ler") for the first time in his life.

That would certainly throw everyone for a loop. I would enjoy the heck out of it, as would most of America, I suspect.

Posted by Russ at 07:45 PM, September 30, 2004 in Politics

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One thing really really bugs me about JFinkKerry is how refers to the men and women in the armed forces as "kids" - I think the second they took the oath they definitely became adults. Still our children but adult children.

Posted by: momE at September 30, 2004 11:01 PM