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October 08, 2004
Debate Live-blogging Experiment

NOTE: this post is for debate #2. My debate #3 post is here.

"Liveblogging the liveblogging"

I took a different approach to liveblogging the debate.

9:00pm EDT - loaded the following sites in my browser:

I then proceeded with the main event.

9:05 - reloaded & read Instapundit
9:06 - reloaded & read The Corner
9:07 - reloaded & read Powerline
9:08 - reloaded & read Spoons
9:09 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
9:10 - reloaded & read the Commisar
9:11 - reloaded & read Instapundit
9:12 - loaded Hugh Hewitt
9:13 - reloaded & read The Corner
9:14 - reloaded & read Powerline
9:15 - reloaded & read Spoons
9:16 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
9:17 - reloaded & read the Commisar
9:18-9:27 - bathroom. Cracked open the latest issue of the Cabela's catalog. I need more fiber.
9:28-9:41 - strolled downstairs to refill my beer stein with ice and grab a fresh bottle of Diet Coke. You didn't think I'd actually drink beer? Halfway up the stairs, realized I forgot to move this evening's load of laundry into the dryer. Schlepped back down, loaded the dryer, schlepped up the stairs.
9:42 - reloaded & read Instapundit
9:43 - reloaded & read Hugh Hewitt
9:44 - reloaded & read The Corner
9:45 - reloaded & read Powerline
9:46 - reloaded & read Spoons
9:47 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
9:48 - reloaded & read the Commisar
9:49-9:55 - checked e-mail. I regularly use three separate accounts, so this can sometimes take a while.
9:56-10:17 - typing this post. I'm a crappy typist.
10:18 - reloaded & read Instapundit
10:19 - reloaded & read Hugh Hewitt
10:20 - reloaded & read The Corner
10:21 - reloaded & read Powerline
10:22 - reloaded & read Spoons
10:23 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
10:24 - reloaded & read the Commisar
10:25 - reloaded & read Instapundit
10:26 - reloaded & read Hugh Hewitt
10:27 - reloaded & read The Corner
10:28 - reloaded & read Powerline
10:29 - reloaded & read Spoons
10:30 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
10:31 - reloaded & read the Commisar
10:32 - reloaded & read Instapundit
10:33 - reloaded & read Hugh Hewitt
10:34 - reloaded & read The Corner
10:35 - reloaded & read Powerline
10:36 - reloaded & read Spoons
10:37 - reloaded & read NZ Bear
10:38 - reloaded & read the Commisar
[End of debate]

Conclusions & Observations:

  • Thanks goodness for Mozilla's tabbed browsing.
  • I need more fiber in my diet
  • All the sites linked above are much better at commentary than I would be, particularly given my pathetic typing skills.

Disclaimer: The "live" in "liveblogging" refers to the fact that I had a pulse while I mentally composed this post. I cannot type fast enough to do this stuff in realtime. And, c'mon — copy/paste would be cheating.

Update: is "liveblogging" hyphenated or not? I suspect it ought to be, despite my mixed usage.

Posted by Russ at 10:44 PM, October 8, 2004 in Politics

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Okay, so I was wandering around looking at all the live bloggers and what they had to say about the debate (far and away preferable to watching it myself). I saw your link over at TTLB - and I must say... Yours is by far the best! ROFL!!! Great job!

Posted by: Teresa at October 9, 2004 12:12 AM

On your liveblogging the liveblogging!

Your liveblogging method should be standard blogger practice.

It was so frustraiting to go between my favoriite blogger sites during the debate and I was so wanting a tool that you so nicely brought to our attention.

Thank You for your idea of using File/New TAB under in the Mozilla's tool bar. I found this natural solution to live watching of blogs after the debate was over. However I will use your method often as the alternative of using other browsers without the tabs feature to slow and tiresome.

Thank you for pointing out the setting "New Tab"s to a new Mozilla Firefox user. This will make keeping track of blogs so much easier and real time blog watching a joy.

Warm Regards,

Posted by: Steve at October 10, 2004 01:48 PM