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December 04, 2004
MT-Blacklist Bug

I rely heavily on the great tool MT-Blacklist. Due to the abundance of low-life Comment and Trackback spammers — may they all die in slow and painful ways — I in fact use the MTB interface to this site more than use the ordinary Movable Type interface.

[I know, I know — I need to write and post more. Feel free to beat me up about it.]

Now comes word of a critical bug in MT-Blacklist ver2.x, which is what is required for sites, such as this one, which use MT ver3.x.

In short, don't delete secondary weblogs operating on the same MT install unless you really don't care about losing all the data on your main blog.

I maintain a second (hidden) blog which I use for design and testing purposes. Deleting and re-instantiating it is something I've done in the past as an easy way to wipe the slate clean for a fresh design. I helped a friend with her design just yesterday — if hers was an MT blog, my site might not be here right now.

I'm exceptionally glad I heard about this when I did.

Read more about the bug here.

(via Redsugar Muse)

Posted by Russ at 05:56 PM, December 4, 2004 in Bloggery

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