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April 06, 2005
Tartan Day 2005

'Tis that day once again:


Many thanks to Ith of Absinthe and Cookies for once again coordinating the Tartan Day Gathering of the Blogs. Be sure to drop by her site, say Hi, and check out the many fine blogs participating in the Gathering.

Due to time constraints, I am unable to provide anything original this year for Tartan Day. In lieu of creativity, I'll simply provide links here to some of my past efforts.

  • Men in Skirts — why a guy named "Emerson" claims the Tupper tartan.
And finally, an obligatory pic of the Tupper family tartan:

Posted by Russ at 09:53 PM, April 6, 2005 in Bloggery

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Hey LC and IB Russ, i perform with Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers here in the Bay Area. Send me an email and i'll send you some of our music.

Posted by: LC Fresh Sign [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 20, 2005 12:49 AM