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May 10, 2005
Moment of Unbearable Cuteness - III

While in the past I have shown off pictures of my sister's cat Bubba, I have been remiss in not posting pictures of Bubba's brother Lou. Perhaps he's just camera-shy, but there just aren't many pictures of the furry little guy.


That would be Lou on the right. Differences in appearance notwithstanding, Bubba and Lou are in fact littermates.

Lou was originally named "Lulu," but when he was discovered to be a he, well, you can figure it out. Yes, the cats were named "Bubba" and "Lulu" — but hey, at least my sister didn't saddle my niece with an awkward name.

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Posted by Russ at 12:01 PM, May 10, 2005 in Animals

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Finally! Lu gets his due. Bubba is the silly, fluffy, door-knob hanging, lion-in-the-grass, kick-butt, impulsive boy, but Lou is rather pensive, watching and thinking while Bub just goes and does it. Lou will watch butterflies with a dreamy look in his eyes and carefully consider blades of grass and finally tentatively reach out with his soft paw to gently touch it. Lou has a habit of sitting back on his hind feet and lifting his head and front paws waaay up, like a prairie dog. He likes to lay in the bath tub after I've showered. He has a sweet little "mreeeowrrr" and if you look into his big eyes and ask him questions he will talk back to you all day long. And Lou is very tidy. Whether he is sitting or laying down, he always does so very neatly. He curves his body into the smallest circle that he can, and then finishes it off by curling his tail tightly and neatly around himself.

They are both such handsome boys, in their own distinct ways. I told Lou and Bubba that their Uncle Russ put them on Tacjammer again and their responses were, respectively, "Quite right." and "Ummm, yes, but the food dish is empty."

And Russ, would you puh-leeease stop making excuses for me about their names? Their names are perfect, just like they are.

Posted by: Cara at May 11, 2005 08:40 AM