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May 23, 2005

Well, big surprise, eh? And people wonder why the GOP is occasionally referred to as "the stupid party."

For a promise to not filibuster President Bush's judicial nominees except under "extraordinary circumstances," the GOP cowards moderates have agreed not to pull the trigger on the so-called nuclear option during this session of Congress.

Idiots. Morons. Sellouts.

If there's any possible silver lining to this dark-cloud deal made by that batch of chickenshit moderate GOP senators, it is that if the Democrats decide to use the "extraordinary circumstances" excuse to filibuster any judicial nominee similar to Owens, Brown and Pryor, the GOP can call the deal off. If Owens, Brown and Pryor are acceptable to the democrats now, they can hardly claim a similar judge is unacceptable in the future.

But I'd bet money that the GOP senators will be too yellow to call it off. Fools.

Update: Charles Austin uses the perfect word to describe the GOP side of Senate: Republican'ts.

Posted by Russ at 09:02 PM, May 23, 2005 in Politics

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