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August 08, 2005
Petard (See Also "Hoist By One's Own")

One of my pet "netiquette" peeves is hotlinking. I have a few images on this site that are regularly hotlinked (this post is popular... people use the Berkeley whacko image as an avatar in forums), and so every once in a while I rename the image file and put in a substitute that briefly makes my opinion on the matter fairly clear:

Someone over at the epicenter of left-wing stupidity*, the Daily Kos, hotlinked an image from Joe Sherlock – a distinctly unwise thing to do, given Joe's ability to drop a new image in the old one's place.

Just in case it drops into the memory hole over there, I saved a snapshot:

Couldn't have said it better myself.

(Seen at Michelle Malkin and LGF)

* The center of left-wing insanity, on the other hand, is Democratic Underground, into which fever swamp I am extraordinarily reluctant to tread, even under the best of circumstances. I always feel like I need to be disinfected when I go there. John Hawkins provides a sample. Those people are certifiable.

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