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August 10, 2005
OK, Now Can We Question Their Patriotism?

Chris Johnson of Midwest Conservative Journal links to a must-read column by conservative filmmaker Jason Apuzzo.

Hollywood has chosen sides in the war against islamofascism. It's not our side.

"American Dreamz." This ’satire’ from Universal Pictures deals with Pakistani suicide bombers out to kill the US president. The film stars Hugh Grant, Richard Dreyfuss, Willem Dafoe and Mandy Moore. According to writer-director Paul Weitz ("American Pie"), "The film is a comic examination of ... cultural obsessions" like the War on Terror "and how they can anaesthetise us to the actual issues of our day."

"The actual issues of our day" according to Weitz [a name the islamonazis would surely take note of] do not, apparently, include the concern that there are people out there who would just as soon decapitate everyone in Hollywood as look at them.

And that's just one of many like-minded movies in the production sewer pipe pipeline. The movie studios have apparently decided to disregard their customers' sensibilities (and that whole "profit" thing) for the sake of better reviews from the likes of Roger Ebert and the accolades of Eurotrash nancy-boys at Cannes (and the Eurotrash-wannabee nancy-boys at Sundance.) They prefer to make anti-American propaganda than to risk the chance that a pro-American film might be seen as supporting President Bush. One wonders what they would be doing if Kerry had been elected.

Either way, John Wayne wouldn't have put up with crap like that.

To take the late Douglas Adams slightly out of context, people like those who green-lighted these projects are "a bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes." And they'll have no idea why anyone should be so upset.

Russell Wardlow has more commentary.

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