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December 06, 2005
You Know (Part 10)

You know your medical condition is either disfiguring or embarassing — or both — when the treatment consists of a mix of antibiotics and prescription ointment.

And when the ointment tube has a prominent reminder not to get it in your eyes? Trust me on this: they mean it.

Ugly photo follows.

It's a good thing I work second shift — that thing shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day.

Keep your John Merrick jokes to yourself.

Posted by Russ at 05:40 PM, December 6, 2005 in Observations

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Be careful! And feel better too.

Posted by: Ith at December 6, 2005 06:53 PM

yikes-is that getting better?

Posted by: Narnia Nerd at December 8, 2005 10:43 AM