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January 06, 2006
Friday Dogblogging

In the interest of fairness, a certain canine has demanded some screen time.* Say hello to Mooch, who owns my brother and his family.

[Click image for larger.]

By all accounts, this one year old girl is as sweet as a dog can be, which, really, is pretty darn sweet. Except when she demands sporting attire — then she can be a real... harpy.

* My family could, if they wanted, have their own blogs on this domain. But no, they rely on me to do their dirty work for them. Just a bunch o' slackers, I tells ya!

Don't miss the Friday Ark.

Posted by Russ at 01:55 PM, January 6, 2006 in Animals

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Awwwww. The Moochster is adorable. And sporty!

I think it would be amusing to get all of our pets together for a family photo. Amusing, and possibly deadly.

No, I think all our babies are probably too sweet to kill any of the others. Except Mycah. But I don't worry about Mycah, because she is simply too fat to move quickly enough to hurt anyone. I'm amazed that the sides of that box she's been using are still....um, sides. What a tub of goo.

Bub and Lou say hello to Uncle Russ, btw. The other day Lou grabbed a bag of potato chips your niece was eating and started to run away with it. Well, Faith yelled "Lou!" and instead of dropping the Lay's bag and fleeing, he just picked up the pace and dragged the bag under my bed! I bet he couldn't eat just one. What a twit. If he keeps that up, he'll be looking like Mycah.

Posted by: Cara, your sister. How many Cara's do you know? at January 7, 2006 08:34 PM

Hey Brad & Russ,

Mooch has a distinct resemblance to Stonewall . . .

A great dog for the kids!!

Posted by: Rob at January 10, 2006 01:21 PM