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April 07, 2006
It's Friday, and That Means...

You guessed it: another glimpse into the life of Mycah.

Because of her diabetes, Mycah's not allowed to have as many treats as she used to get, so each one is more valuable to her. Now when she comes begging, she usually gets two or three minutes of skritches and a mousie chucked across the room.

It's not fooling her one little bit — she knows a treat when she sees one.

Notice, if you will, the laser-like focus she exhibits when she is kept waiting, even for a moment, for her daily treat:

[Click for larger.]

Today being Friday, a visit to The Modulator's Friday Ark would be in order. On Sunday, there'll be the Carnival of the Cats, this week at KT Cat's Scratching Post.

[Update, 9Apr06: the Carnival has arrived!]

On Sunday the 4th of June, I will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats right here. Well, I would be if I didn't have to work Sundays... but I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so look for a rare weekday appearance of the Carnival, right here, on Monday, the 5th o' June.

Posted by Russ at 03:23 PM, April 7, 2006 in Animals

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Yeah, we've started to try to trick my cat too, since she is getting fat. Rather than give her a snack, we drug her up with catnip these days :)

Posted by: Crazy cat at April 7, 2006 04:32 PM

Kewl Kat!

Posted by: Lori at April 11, 2006 11:42 PM