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April 27, 2006
With Enemies Like These...

Dang. Looks like Aaron the Liberal Slayer got hacked by followers of the Religion of Peace, Enlightenment and Understanding. Again.

Maybe the Feds will have been watching and waiting for it, and will consequently be able to come up with some JDAM targeting information.

Update: On further reflection: forget the JDAM — precision isn't needed. A bigger footprint kills more roaches.

Update 2: He's back. It's hard to keep a good man down.

Bonus: Scott has a screenshot. (I got one, but it's on my work computer... I knew I forgot to do something before I left the office.)

Update 3, 4/28: And now, of course, the obligatory DDOS attack on warbloggers, Aaron included. It must be in the Koran or something....

Posted by Russ at 08:01 PM, April 27, 2006 in Bloggery & Terrorism

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They're back, Michelle Malkin and LGF are covering the latest DDOS, today.

They've just impacted Instapundit, Power Line, Captain's Quarters, Pundit Guy, Chuck Simmins, Small Dead Animals, Radioblogger, IMAO, Hugh Hewitt and the list is growing.

Posted by: Aaron's cc: at April 28, 2006 12:51 PM