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September 22, 2006

It's taken her two and a half years of living here, but Mycah has finally discovered a use for the recliner other than as a scratching post.

Perhaps she heard what curiosity is reputed to do to cats. More likely, she was just too lazy to hop up and find out.

[Click for larger.]

Now I'll have to get another one for me to use.

It's Friday, so go see the Friday Ark.

And on Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at House of Chaos.

Posted by Russ at 09:00 AM, September 22, 2006 in Animals

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I thought she was tooooooooooooooooo fat to get up that high. Anyway you must be doing a good job with her diet now. How about working on mine?

Posted by: Marge/Mom at September 22, 2006 11:50 PM

See that paw? Know what that paw is saying? I'd go shopping for a new Lazyboy too. TJ, go back and answer the question from yesterday.

Posted by: Skul at September 23, 2006 12:03 AM

My cat not only took over my chair, but he also decided to pee in it.

Posted by: everythingyellow at September 24, 2006 09:56 PM