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April 28, 2007
Quotes of the Week

Spotted earlier this week... Jeff Foxworthy, on why he loves country music:

It doesn't take political sides, even on things as ugly as war. Instead, it celebrates the brave men and women who go to fight them, the price they pay to do it, and the longing we have for them to return home to the ones that they love.
Country music doesn't have to be politically correct. We sing about God because we believe in Him. We're not trying to offend anybody, but the evidence we have seen of Him in our small little lives trumps your opinion about whether or not He exists.
You can call us rednecks if you want. We're not offended, 'cause we know what we're all about. We get up and go to work, we get up and go to church, and we get up and go to war when necessary.

I do believe I need to listen to more country music.

Now go over and catch the whole video at Hot Air.

Posted by Russ at 05:40 PM, April 28, 2007 in Quotes

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I caught the original speech on the Country Music Awards. I don't think it can be said much better. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments. And that's exactly how this country music lover feels also.

Posted by: Cheryl S. at April 28, 2007 08:53 PM

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