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May 02, 2007

As my physical condition has declined over the past months, most routine and mundane tasks have become increasingly difficult, or take longer to accomplish, or both. This is not altogether surprising.

One of the chores that has become most difficult for me to accomplish is wheeling the trash bin out to the curb the evening before the collectors come through. Fortunately, I don't generate enough trash to warrant taking the bin to the curb every week, but when I do have to do it, it's a challenge comparable to climbing K2 — as the photo here shows, my driveway is rather steep.

Before being afflicted with whatever it is that is crippling me, getting the trash out for collection was a one-minute job; now it takes me a full 15 minutes to get the can down and get myself back up the driveway... and I'm completely exhausted when it's done. Getting the empty receptacle back up the driveway the next day is equally challenging.

Further, maneuvering a fully-laden can down the driveway is downright hazardous for me; the only fall I've had in public was while doing so a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I "broke right" and the lawn cushioned that particular landing. The neighbors across the street were gracious enough to lend a hand.

This week, I had a full can to take down to the curb, so I picked up one last thing to take out with me (I never go anywhere around the house without thinking "what do I need to take from here to there?" so as to avoid additional trips) and headed out the front door... and saw that my bin had already been taken to the curb.

Someone had taken my trash down the driveway for me. One of my neighbors, unasked, had done for me one of the biggest favors for which I could possibly have asked. Not that I would ask.. I'm stubborn that way.

I don't know who did it — I saw and heard nothing — but I am very grateful to whoever it was.

I love living in this neighborhood. I love it that neighbors look out for one another.

I think it's time I made a neighborhood-sized batch of barbecue to share with all these fine folks. Good thing the cooking won't take a lot of walking around.

Posted by Russ at 03:35 PM, May 2, 2007 in Health

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That is too cool, Comrade. :) Of course, your "mystery neighbor" didn't wait for you to put in that one last item--must be a sadistic Christianist!!

Posted by: John at May 2, 2007 06:02 PM

Good neighbors are a blessing! I had surgery a couple of years back. I told Fred (my very helpful neighbor) that I might need to call on him because I could not lift more than 20 lbs for six weeks. Every week he would come over and mow the yard. I never had to ask. BTW, my brother was pissed because I never asked him. Thanks to family also!

Last night was another good example. Got into the grubby clothes to mow the yard. Forgot I had no gas. Rang up Fred. No Gas. He said it is in the shed. Gassed up the mower and got half way done. Bolt that held the wheel to the body fell out. Could not find it. No replacement at my house. Call Fred (again). Met in his shed and found replacement. Lawn work completed.

No, this doesn't happen very often. After one such rescue, he said that one of his friends said that I must be a terrible pain in the butt. He said that it was very infrequent.

I wish he would let me recriprocate more often. I did feel good about feeding him and his helpers (after roofing the house) a killer dinner of Carolina pulled pork. Good BBQ is a great way of saying "Thank you".

Posted by: susan at May 2, 2007 08:48 PM


Those are some nice neighbors. Now, if you're cooking BBQ, I might have to head up that way :-)

- D

Posted by: D.G. Hall at May 2, 2007 11:12 PM

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