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May 07, 2007
Mmmm... Brains....

I've just arrived home from what may be the last "long" drive I take for a while — I had my third MRI today.

Compared with the previous two MRIs, this one was a good deal more difficult. Despite being of significantly shorter duration — approximately half an hour in the machine, rather than the 45 or more minutes for the earlier instances — this episode was complicated due to it being my brain they were looking at.

On the MRI machine's sliding table was a cradle in which I rested the back of my head. OK, that's not so bad, I thought. Then as I lay there, they clamped down the restraint for the front of my head. I don't know how best to describe it, but have you ever seen The Man in the Iron Mask?

Now, it wasn't a full-contact restraint. Indeed, there was almost no contact... but I could feel my whiskers and the tip of my nose touching it. I'm not claustrophobic, but this was a very near-run thing. I closed my eyes, focused on my breathing and listened to the radio as well as I could over the noise of the machinery. It helped.

Halfway through, they stopped the imaging, told me to keep holding still, and slid me out of the imager. This was to be a "high contrast" MRI, so they had to inject gadolinium into my bloodstream. It only took them five tries to find a vein. Mister Pincushion, I. They then slid me back into the machine and completed the scan.

The results? I don't know yet; it will be a few days at least. We can, however, pretty much rule out a vertebral disk problem. That leaves a tumor or MS as the most likely diagnoses. I don't know which one to root for.

On the plus side, this MRI will provide proof positive, for all you doubting Thomases, that I am indeed possessed of a brain.

Here, BTW, is what I suspect the MRI will show:

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I really need to set up a separate category for this stuff.

Posted by Russ at 07:55 PM, May 7, 2007 in Health

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You, my friend, are no Homer Simpson!

I, too, have had the MRA that you had today. And have taken it further - allowing them to drill into my head (while awake) and actually seeing that I do indeed have a brain. (I understand there was a bet going around that once that drill bit came through the skull that sand and/or sawdust would start draining as if an hourglass). Fortunately, they - the neurologists - did confirm that I do have a brain.

All kidding aside, I, and my family, continue to hold you up to the Healer & Creator to give you patience and the ability to accept the outcome. I am pulling for a favorable one! We know that God has a plan for us and it is one that we cannot change, for He does not give us more than we can handle!

Remain faithful . . .

Posted by: Robert at May 7, 2007 08:26 PM

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Posted by: Ith at May 8, 2007 01:09 PM

What Robert said.

Do you think Micah would volunteer for a CAT scan? I don't know if I could do the iron-mask thing, as I have a touch of claustrophobia. I can barely make it through (emotion-wise, not talking physically) those enclosed tubes at the waterpark. I'm always afraid I'll get stuck like Homer Simpson!. Maybe I would be OK if it was just my head and face. Maybe.

May the God of comfort hold you in His gentle grasp and give you peace as well as a full recovery. Jehovah Rapha!

Posted by: Marc V at May 9, 2007 01:34 PM

Last brain-scan I got came back negative. At least, that's what my ex-wife said.

Good news was though, I thought I had a brain hemmorage, but the Dr. said it was actually a Brain Hemhroiid, due to a severe case of Cerebral Rectumitus.


Seriously though brother Russ.... as always, you remain in my prayers.

I shall keep faith with you, my friend!

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Posted by: Jim at May 9, 2007 10:42 PM

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