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June 25, 2007
A Lesson Learned Too Late

Dan Riehl points out what ought to be — what once used to be — blindingly obvious:

I've no desire to insult the victim or her family and no one should. But the sad reality is that Jessie Davis was either the victim of poor self, or impulse control and poor decision-making, perhaps both, long before she became a murder victim. And to suggest that one isn't in any way related to another only endorses the notion that values don't matter. They do. And while Ms. Davis certainly isn't in any way directly responsible for her own death, had she been a bit more responsible with her life, it likely wouldn't have ended in such a tragic crime. [Emphasis mine.]

[Link via Misha, who adds his own particular flavor of invective — the language is not for the sensitive, but the sentiment is dead-on.]

It should come as no surprise that a man who cheats on his wife — twice, three times, maybe more — might not be the ideal man on whom to pin your hopes for future happiness, or to be your baby's daddy.

Jessie Davis had to learn the hard way, and too late, that poor choices and irresponsible behavior can indeed have horrible consequences. Yet, if someone somewhere along the line had gotten through to her with the message that adulterous affairs are a bad idea, she might be alive today.

Similarly, Bobby Cutts might have learned at some point that cheating on your wife is wrong, and that murder is not only as wrong as can be, but certainly isn't going to make things any easier.

Simple things, one would think.

I hope that somewhere, someone sees the 24-hour news cycle coverage of what happened in Ohio and avoids making a tragic mistake in his or her own life.

Posted by Russ at 11:01 PM, June 25, 2007 in News

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The media can be ridiculous at times ,but in this situation I know That our community here in Stark murderedcounty and neighboring counties made this media happen. On the first day of the volunteer search I showed up expecting to see the 100 volunteers to be there but to my amazement that were 1800 that says a lot about this community There where people of the of all races old, young, you name it. The search team I was on There were two Grandma's in there seventies they had their canes, tennis shoes, and ready to help as a member of this community not even personally knowing Jessie ,but as a part of the community being able to help in a situation horrific like this one like everyone else they wanted to help find Jessie. I believe innocent until proven guilty for Bobby.Jessie a mother and not to mention was 9 mos pregnant and Blake whom is two witnessed his mom being murdered ! "mommy was crying and she was in the rug". I can't believe that people are bashing her lifestyle someone who was just murdered that is really twisted .Were you there ? do you know all the details of her relationship w Bobby? Guess not because a good friend of mine has known Bobby since second grade. Bobby was living a double life a single man and a married one lying to his wife and "girlfriend".I'm proud to say I live in Canton, Ohio where our community sticks together. R.I.P Jessie and Chloe two new angels in heaven and your in my thoughts and prayers Blake.

Posted by: Cher at July 8, 2007 05:09 AM

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