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August 01, 2007

The nerve conduction test... let's just say I hope I don't have to go through that again any time soon.

Here's how the test goes: electrical sensors, similar to those used in electrocardiograms, are affixed to various locations on the body (the legs in my case); machine-generated electrical impulses are then sent down the nerve pathways.

In short: they tazered me. Repeatedly. For half an hour. I think they enjoyed it.

Damn you, Luigi Galvani. Damn you.

No concrete results yet, of course (Same day? Are you kidding?) but mutterings of peripheral neuropathy could be heard from down the halls.


Posted by Russ at 06:25 PM, August 1, 2007 in Health

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Ahhh, the EMG test. Did you happen to notice the smile on the love-to-give-pain technician?

Painful - yes. But it is very helpful. Obviously, I too have experienced this close to S&M test on various occasions.

I, and my family, continue to hold you in my prayers.

Say hi to your mom for me.

Posted by: Robert at August 1, 2007 10:19 PM

Any word on when they'll have a more precise diag-/prognosis?

Peripheral neuropathy, if that's what it is, can mean a lot of different things, some bad, most not so bad (i.e, temporary and/or treatable). I and so many others will be praying that something like the latter will be the case.

(Man, I hope it won't be another "well, we'll figure out it when we can--talk to us, I don't know, in a week or a month or something.")

Posted by: John at August 2, 2007 11:54 PM

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