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August 02, 2007
Quote of the Day
Even though America is a happy place, there are still some unhappy people here. They are unhappy that the president stole an election and that the government is spying on their phone. That's how happy America is: In other countries, people have real things to be unhappy about, but in America you have to make things up to be unhappy about.

The inimitable Frank J., in "A Happy Editorial About America"

See also Eiland's Theory of Compensatory Misery.

Posted by Russ at 01:03 PM, August 2, 2007 in Quotes

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I know a few people that appear to live their lives according to Eiland's theory. Too bad that so many people who behave that way are active in politics...

I find that a good antidote for that kind of myopia is reminding oneself that elsewhere, there are people living in truly miserable conditions. It sounds cliche, but we're incredibly fortunate to be living here.

Posted by: Nathan Tabor at August 15, 2007 01:57 AM

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