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October 10, 2007
Phoning It In

(This entry brought to you by Russ' sister, via telephone)

There are many things worth taking one's time to enjoy. A spinal tap is not one of them.

On the plus side, at least I get another day's worth of hospital food.

Should be back tomorrow.

P.S. The beds here are so uncomfortable, they should ship a few dozen to Guantanamo. Then the International Red Cross would really have something to complain about. One does not so much sleep on them as pass out due to exhaustion.

Open thread!

Posted by Russ at 04:44 PM, October 10, 2007 in Health

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Dang it--I picked a bad time (in only this one respect) to go on a web holiday and try to get some other things done without distraction. (But hey--5 days with no update gave me a false sense of security!)

Please keep us informed as much as possible. (And I hope the food is better than the bed [though I realize they are somewhat incommensurable, food and beds being used for different purposes, typically]. I know the food at the Mayo cafeterias here in Rochester (which I think is maybe similar to the patient food?) is pretty good, usually.)

In particular: did things improve with Spinal Tap? And if not, what does that lead the expert community to conclude?

Posted by: John at October 11, 2007 03:03 PM

Russ, I know you're home from the hospital now, enjoying the comfort of your own plush bed. I know this because Mom and I have been talking behind your (punctured) back, as usual.

I am tempted to update your buddies here, but I bet you'll want to do that yourself when you come to.

Just remember there are tons of people praying for you. Responding to all the people who call and write me asking about how you're doing is like a second (wait, ummmm, no, THIRD) job. That's how much people love you. Dwell on that for a moment.

Posted by: Cara at October 11, 2007 03:49 PM

Have you tried sleeping on the food and eating the bed?

Posted by: Laurence Simon at October 12, 2007 02:29 PM

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