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October 19, 2007
Trim-Jeans Theater Presents...

"Big Cat, Little Cat."

Mycah has been on a diet, and though it might not be obvious, she's slimmed down from her rotund maximum (almost 20 lbs when I got her) to a comparatively svelte 14 pounds.

[Click for larger.]

Svelte? Rubenesque would probably be more accurate, in absolute terms. But having lost a few pounds, she is much livelier and more active than before. She still has a few pounds to go yet.

Complain though she may about not getting as much food as she wants, it's for the best. Her health comes first.

And she'll usually accept skritches in lieu of food... for a while, anyway.

Friday? Ark!

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Posted by Russ at 05:19 AM, October 19, 2007 in Animals

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Hey--that's great that yourcah has lost weight. She looks great!

BTW, who are those other cats in the picture?

Posted by: John at October 20, 2007 06:08 PM

Mycah you look divine. That's our word for you. We actually have to agree, health first! But treats once in a while would be good! Sending purrs!

Posted by: Megan & Bad Kitty Cats at October 22, 2007 08:04 PM

Uh... John... that's just one cat in the picture.

Big enough for more than one, but just one.

Posted by: Russ at October 23, 2007 05:38 PM

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