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February 20, 2008
Eat My Dust, Losers

I got my tax refund checks, state and federal, in the mail this week.

Plus I got a letter from the IRS saying I'd overpaid on my 2006 return; they're sending me another check (a whopping $137) in a few weeks. Why they bothered with a letter without including a check is beyond me.

Despite my detestation of the IRS, its employees, their families, their friends, and everyone who has ever spoken nicely or had a kind thought about them, it sure is nice to be getting money back from them.

Am I being too unkind to IRS employees (their families, etc.)? I don't think so. Go read Ezra Levant's thoughts on denormalization.

There is nothing "normal" about a federal agency seizing a part of your income before it ever passes through your hands. There is nothing "normal" about the government laying claim to the product of your labor. There is nothing "normal" about being taxed on your productivity.

When someone other than you has a prior claim on the fruits of your labor, it's called slavery, which historically may be "usual" but it certainly ought not to be "normal."

IRS bureaucrats should not feel any more comfortable in their positions than Levant's inquisitor was made to feel.

On the whole, I'd just as soon not have them withholding money from my paycheck and then making me explain why I want it back.

Taxing my behavior, sure, I suppose can deal with that — because I have a choice. I can choose not to buy a new car this year. I can choose to buy guns instead of butter... literally... if I want. On the other hand, choosing to have a job with a paycheck isn't really a choice, given the alternative, is it?

I'm beginning to think those various flat/fair tax proposals have some merit.

Posted by Russ at 01:46 PM, February 20, 2008 in Miscellany

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Well of course the fair and/or flat tax makes more sense. It's about time your started coming to your senses. Actually, the only thing I would want to make sure of is that we repeal Article XVI ( ratified 25 Feb 1913 ) of our beloved constitution...."The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

Read that again. Can you believe it? Does that not fly in the face of the history of other laws, rights or sensibilites our country has? What fools were there that voted for such broad powers of taxation to the GOVERNMENT?

Posted by: Brad at February 21, 2008 12:18 AM

I highly recommend the Fair Tax. Your problems with income tax were the reasons why it was created.

Also, there are other reasons why income taxes are wrong: 1) they can be abused by powerful political figures (I'm specifically thinking of Clinton here and the frequency at which his GOP enemies were audited by the IRS) and 2) the IRS's power is abused by IRS employees (I know this personally, having been threatened by them when I was a child because of my parents' tax debt).

Anyway, I'm glad that you're going to get more of your money back from 2006.

Posted by: Prudie at February 21, 2008 02:07 PM

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