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May 23, 2008
Packet the TV connoisseur

Packet has become a TV junkie. Cat Sitter is his favorite DVD so far.

Rodents and birds are not the only things he likes to watch. He seems to enjoy Good Eats as much as I do, and he's a regular Red Eye viewer. He's a big fan of ombudsman Andy Levy.

He's probably hoping to get an autographed picture of Andy's cats, Pixel and Stormy.

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The Carnival of the Cats this week is hosted at the M-cats Club.

And as always, for your every day cat needs, a visit to the Cat Blogosphere is recommended.

Posted by Russ at 02:42 AM, May 23, 2008 in Animals & DVD & TV & Video

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all cats love Andy!

Posted by: maggie katzen at May 23, 2008 03:22 AM

WOWY - when mommakitty turned on yer video we jumped in her lap and HAD to watch too!

Posted by: Kimo & Sabi at May 23, 2008 04:03 AM

All mine brofurs an sisfurs like ta watch TV, too. But we's never seen no Cat Sitter, but betcha we's like it.

in honor of Miss Bonnie an tha day/ weekend/ holiday of HUGS, here’s ours to all of you:
*******hugs******* (KC)
*******hugs******* (Missy)
*******hugs******* (Faith)
*******hugs******* (Sol)
*******hugs******* (Smokey)
*******hugs******* (BJ)

Love, The Sherwood Bunch

Posted by: KC at May 23, 2008 09:31 AM

We don't pay much attention to TV, except for Callie, who loves to whap the screen during "America's Funniest Animals."

Hugs are really needed right now, so we're sending lots of (((!!HUGS!!))) from all of us to all of you. We love you and appreciate all you do for the Cat Blogosphere!

Hugs & Purrs,
& all of us at Artsy Catsy

Posted by: Artsy Catsy at May 23, 2008 11:56 AM

Good tv choices!!!
{{{{{{{{{{attack hugs}}}}}}}}}
Alla Us

Posted by: HotMBC at May 23, 2008 07:39 PM

I'm a big INTERVENTION fan. And I'm looking forward to the swimming competitions during the summer Olympics.

Posted by: Quasi at May 23, 2008 09:48 PM

Edloe loved that DVD, even if she didn't get up and swat at the TV.

Posted by: Laurence Simon at May 27, 2008 12:51 PM

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