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August 01, 2008
Don't bother calling the Guinness Book people

I had an excellent day at physical therapy. I walked caneless again, this time making it 720 feet before reaching my limit. The improvement is truly staggering... which, coincidentally, is pretty much how I still walk.

It took me 12 minutes to cover those 720 feet. A little quick math... OK, carry the one... that's a speed of roughly .68 miles/hour.

Not exactly blazing, that. But it is definite improvement.

Posted by Russ at 08:03 PM, August 1, 2008 in Health

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Yaaaaaaaaayyyy Russ!!! Good work!

Faith and I are missing you and want to visit you again soon. Maybe Christmas?

We love you so much.


Posted by: cara at August 2, 2008 02:49 AM

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