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August 06, 2008
I continue to amaze myself

Well, I didn't set any distance records at physical therapy today. Walking without the cane today, I was on pace to break both my speed and distance record, when the therapist decided to increase the degree of difficulty by adding an obstacle to my path.

Said obstacle was four-foot length of 3/4" wooden dowel, laid across my path.

Laugh all you want, but lengthening or shortening my stride so as not to step on any small thing, and stepping over the obstacle are both significant physical challenges. Especially for a klutz like me — even before this whole neurological nuisance began, I'd have easily tripped over a 3/4" obstacle.

With the obstacle in place, I was only able to make it 600' before I had to take a couple minutes for a breather. On the plus side, I increased my speed over last week, from .68 to .76 MPH.

And then after a couple minutes, I did it all again — another 600', again at .76 MPH.

I'm beginning to believe that there's something to this whole physical therapy business.

Posted by Russ at 06:30 PM, August 6, 2008 in Health

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Keep up the good work.

Progress is a wonderful thing.

Posted by: MJ at August 6, 2008 09:49 PM

Yaaa Russ! You'll be running up the stairs soon! Chasing those kitties of course.

Posted by: Mom at August 7, 2008 11:47 AM

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