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Someone's gone and done it....

North State Blogs

We're gonna have to get together for barbecue.

UPDATE: Linkage -- glad to be aboard!

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TacJammer Has just emailed me, and requested to join the North State Blogs. Anyone who themese his blog after Military Read More


At last! A North State network! I'm very excited about this. Thanks to Jay for all his efforts. And Russ, your page is awesome. Wish I knew how to "do things".

Who knew there were so many cool dudes (and dudettes, Indigo) blogging in Jesse Helm's homestate? I lived in Raleigh/Knightdale for about 5 years, but I'm glad to be in Randolph country every time I have to pass through the Triangle sprawl. Who ever heard of building outer loops for the original loop? It's just loopy. Guess I'll start getting worried when the loops get close to Pittsboro.

Glad to have you aboard, Tacjammer! Let's do the barbecue thing one day!

Wilbur's BBQ in Goldsboro is one of the best I've ever eaten. Good place to eat if you're ever in that neck of the woods.


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